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Issue number 34. Date of publication: October 2014.

October is a month that is equally a part of the summer as it is the fall. A month in which we can still enjoy a warm light that makes the leaves of the trees shine after the recently fallen rain that cleans and purifies everything. In the mind of the majority of Nativity enthusiasts, on a relaxing day, I’m sure ideas have bloomed about how the birth of Christ or the manger will be for the next Christmas. The landscape, the village, the scene… 

I’m certain that many of you, with a camera at the ready, have taken pictures of places where you have dreamed of placing the Holy Family or the shepherds. 

Friends, it’s time to put our hands to work.  It’s time to engage ourselves  without rest so that this Christmas God  will return to be born again, in the corner that we have chosen. 

. . .


. .

I also know  that many have started on the path that takes  us to the Nativity.  This path is longer for some than for others. 


Taking advantage of this path of beauty, carry the message of love.  Make our passion grand,  and pass our hope on to others.

We march on because our goal is near.

Manuel Salado

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